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Pillar Valuation Group, Inc.’s team of profesionals are used by corporations, individuals and attorneys for litigation support services throughout the complicated realm of real estate law.

Our history of obtaining favorable decisions or settlements for our clients through research and professional presentations includes a wide range of legal settings such as:

  • Common Pleas Court
  • Federal Bankruptcy Court
  • Board of Revisions Hearings
  • Board of Tax Appeal Hearings

Pillar Valuation Group, Inc. understands that successful litigation outcomes require:

  • thorough documentation
  • credible expert opinions including preliminary valuation analyses
  • consulting services for preparation of cross examination
  • expert witness testimony
  • face-to-face negotiations
  • preparation of full or summary narrative appraisal reports for court presentation or out of court settlements

Pillar Valuation Group, Inc. provides this level of support for its clients as they pursue:

  • charitable donations
  • damage estimates
  • lease disputes
  • foreclosures
  • ad valorem tax cases
  • valuation disputes and estate valuations

Pillar Valuation Group, Inc.’s thorough research, careful documentation and credible expert witness testimony sets the standard for litigation success. We also build client trust by performing preliminary research to determine the feasibility of litigation.

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